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Paraphrasing.co.uk …all about paraphrasing services

Welcome to Paraphrasing.co.uk

Paraphraisng.co.uk provides 1st class paraphrasing services to eliminate plagiarism from your documents or to renew your old/used papers. Whether your paper has plagiarism instances or you want to renew it completely by rewriting it, we are here to cater your all types of paraphrasing needs.

The literal meaning of paraphrasing is to use an individual’s ideas to add more weightage to one’s own work. We provide 1st class paraphrasing services to our various types of clients – from students to business executives.

What is Plagiarism?

It is a serious offense and a very grave academic crime because it not only undermines a person’s intelligence, but also does an injustice to the person whose ideas were used because he/she was not acclaimed for his/her work.

What is Paraphrasing?

In paraphrasing, one manipulates sentences and words taken from varying sources, to make them sound more like their own. When one does paraphrasing, they usually/should hinder from using too many direct quotes, as it reduces the credibility of the paper and makes the paper more or less like the original author’s paper, as it does not display any creativity or freshness with words/sentences.

How to Stop Plagiarism?

In simple words, plagiarism is copying ideas or text verbatim without giving the due credit to the author. Plagiarism or matching instances can be avoided by paraphrasing (re-writing) the content and citing the sources properly. If it is completely re-written by inserting new ideas, it cannot be deemed as plagiarism.

Send your plagiarized orders or old orders to renew them, we will paraphrase them completely to make them plagiarism free. We assure you that you will get your completed orders with a high quality paraphrasing.

What we do? (please see video)

Privacy Policy
Paraphraisng.co.uk keeps all the data of our customers confidential. However, we gather the following basic information of our customers apart from an order details to process an order:

• First name, last name, email, contact no. etc.
• The Google Analytics collect some information automatically on our behalf such as country, browser, duration of stay, OS, etc.

It is important to know that we never ask for your credit/debit card no. and collect banking details since we process all payments only through Bluesnap (our payment agent).

Refund Policy
Paraphraisng.co.uk does not issue any refunds after sending the completed orders. Nevertheless, if our customers have any issues in completed orders, they can request for a Free Revision within 7 days of receiving their completed orders.

Noteworthy: Paraphraisng.co.uk has got the right to change or update its policies whenever required.

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