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We provide first class quality paraphrasing services to renew old content, remove AI impressions and plagiarism through expert writers. We never use AI or software to paraphrase/rewrite content. Our processed content can pass Turnitin’s AI and Plagiarism tests.

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Best Paraphrasing / Rewriting Service Provider of UK


Paraphrasing.co.uk is a leading paraphrasing service provider in the UK. It is important to understand that most of the content around you is paraphrased (not originally written from scratch). People use already published/generated content by refreshing/renewing it by paraphrasing. It could be blog, web-content, social media post, academic content, etc. We have been providing this service since 2010 and have processed 1000s of orders. In addition, our processed orders can pass Turnitin’s AI and plagiarism tests – this is one of the basic requirements, especially in the academic world.


We provide 1st class quality paraphrasing services to eliminate plagiarism and AI impressions from your content. Whether your content has plagiarism or AI impression instances, or you want to renew it completely by paraphrasing it, we are here to cater your all types of paraphrasing and original writing needs.

What is Plagiarism?


It is a serious offence that not only undermines a person’s intelligence but also unjust behaviour to the person whose ideas were used because he/she was not acclaimed for the work.

What is Paraphrasing?


The literal meaning of paraphrasing is to use an individual’s ideas to add more weight to one’s work. In paraphrasing, one rewrites passages, sentences and words while keeping the same meaning of the content. In short, write a passage with different words and structure but keep the same meaning.

How to Stop Plagiarism

stop plagiarism

How to Stop Plagiarism?

In simple words, plagiarism is copying ideas, using verbatim text, or just shuffling a few words here and there without giving the due credit to the author. Plagiarism or matching instances can be avoided by paraphrasing (rephrasing) the content and citing the sources properly. If a passage or a paragraph is completely rephrased, then it cannot be deemed as plagiarism.

Give us your content that has plagiarism and AI impressions; we will paraphrase it completely to make it plagiarism and AI impressions free.

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Paraphrasing.co.uk keeps all the data of our customers confidential. We gather the following basic information about our customers apart from order details to process an order:

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It is important to know that we never ask for your credit/debit numbers and collect banking details since we process all payments only through the payment gateway (our payment agent).

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Paraphrasing UK does not issue any refunds after sending completed orders. Nevertheless, if our customers have any issues with completed orders, they can request a Free Revision within 7 days of receiving their completed orders.

Noteworthy: Paraphrasing UK has the right to change or update its policies whenever required.

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