Essay Rewriting, Editing, and Proofreading – Important Pillars of Writing Industry

While most people can’t distinguish clearly the individual characteristic of essay rewriting, proofreading, and editing, in the writing industry, these three services are well distinguished; each with its own special standing. Here in this blog, we have come up with the basic introduction of each of these three professional writing services including essay rewriting, editing, […]


Paraphrasing Online – Gateway for Academic Writing

Paraphrasing online is one of the most sought-after services for many students looking to complete their assignments or pursuing higher educational degrees. One of the primary fears that drive students towards professional paraphrase online services is about the “intellectual theft” or what we call “plagiarism” found in their assignments or thesis, which is the worst […]


Paraphrasing Vs. Quoting – Analyzing two of the widely popular writing techniques?

You can’t use your ignorance of the law as an argument towards a crime. Yes, there is even a Latin saying about it, which goes like, “Ignorantia non est argumentum”. Now, this is something that’s also connected to professional writing including academic writing and online writing. One of the most important aspects of all forms […]


Mastering the art of Blogging – Tips to become professional blogger

Blogging has become an obsession for many nowadays. With the increase in the use of internet and availability of various interactive blogging platforms, there are greater number of people with writing skills choosing blogging as their preferred profession. Today, people with competent writing skills, a certain level of know-how to blogging platforms and the right […]


Paraphrasing Tool Pros & Cons

Paraphrasing Tool Pros Paraphrasing tool is available for free or can be bought after paying some amount – one for all packages. Apparently, there are only two pros of having or using a paraphrasing tool; it is free or cheap in price and has a quick processing time. People usually like to have a paraphrasing […]

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