What is difference between summarizing and paraphrasing?

What is difference between summarizing and paraphrasing?

What is the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing?


Summarizing as depicted from its name is simply the summary of the core idea of a whole essay. It is nearly similar to précis writing. To write down the core concepts and to overlook the irrelevant aspects is something referred to as summarizing essay. It is basically a condensed restatement of the original work.


The term paraphrasing is generally referred as rewriting or rephrasing of original work in your own words without significantly decreasing or increasing of the given words.

Summarizing vs. Paraphrasing

Summarizing and paraphrasing difference can be identical to some extent and in some capacity. However, there are differences in these two notions as well. Summarizing is a brief statement of the key ideas (in your own words) while paraphrasing is rewriting of the given stuff in your own words while keeping the length of the content same as the original.

As far as the students’ community is concerned, many students are pursuing higher degrees in the UK universities and among them, many are non-native English speakers. They always look for help in paraphrasing and summarizing of their assignments/essays; as a result, they seek online paraphrasing services and paraphrasing experts in the UK.

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Seeking Online Paraphrasing Help

Since online paraphrasers and paraphrasing experts are available round the clock, finding and accessing them is not a cumbersome task. You can accomplish your university assignments with the help of rewriting experts in the UK. Rephrase online in the UK, rewriting experts and rewrite online in UK are commonly used keywords for finding online paraphrasing service websites by the UK students.

Summarizing Skill

Since summarizing is a skill and innovative ability, non-native students studying higher degrees across the UK face difficulties while summarizing their content. To overcome this hindrance, they seek for online paraphrasing website and online summarizing service providers in the UK with summarizing website to rewrite their content as per their requirements.

Benefit of Online Paraphrasing or Online Summarizing

Having desirable material/content, students usually tend to incorporate the summarized or/and paraphrased version in their assignments. In this manner, they can save time, complete projects by deadline, acquire good grades and to emphasize on other important areas.

The main crux of this article is summarizing and paraphrasing correspond and differ in some capacities. Paraphrase online or summarize online as the name suggests is a trend that is followed by a large community of students in the UK.

Summarizing and paraphrasing in an essay have their own importance as they both require competences and command on the English language. Those who are enrolled as ESL usually seek help of paraphrasing experts that offer their paraphrasing service in UK through online paraphrasing website for summarizing.


As indicated earlier, summarizing and paraphrasing are the two most important terms recognized in academic circles. Both required very good paraphrasing or rewriting writing skills. Paraphrased content usually has the same number of words as the original had whereas in summarizing, the writer has to read the whole content and summarizing the text it in his/her own words in the required length; it is usually 1/3 of the original length of the content or mentioned otherwise. In addition, for the accomplishment of their essays/assignments/projects that involve intensive summarizing and paraphrasing, students (especially non-native speakers) prefer to take advantage through online paraphrasing and summarizing service providers to renew their old content by rewriting experts.

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