Paraphrasing Plagiarism

Paraphrasing Plagiarism must be taken Seriously

Collecting all the relevant information you want to include in your research paper is not an easy task. You are bound to follow the rules and citing information is not simple. Plagiarism is an act of fraud and is considered a serious offense by institutes and universities all around the world. As a student, one has to be careful and concrete before submitting their papers to a supervisor. As the information you collect from the internet can get you caught and thus they need to be reviewed and rephrased.

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Come out of the fear of getting rejected by your university supervisor, it’s time to work on your project report with complete focus. You can copy the idea or source from others and write or explain it in your own wording. If you are worried that you can’t do it since you don’t have command on the English language or English is not your first language or you have fear of getting caught for plagiarism, we are here to help you out. Send us your plagiarized content to us, we would remove its plagiarism and make it plagiarism free. In addition, if you want to rewrite or renew any old content, you can place the order through our order page as well. Once your content is free from plagiarism, you can submit it for the approval. We assure you that your work will be completely paraphrased and free from plagiarism and can pass turnitin or other similar plagiarism checks.

What is Paraphrasing Plagiarism?

Every student is well aware of plagiarism but only some know what is paraphrasing plagiarism. According to the Indiana University, “Paraphrasing plagiarism is committed when a writer summarizes an idea taken from another source and fails both to cite the author(s) and to provide the corresponding reference.If the summary contains a sequence of 7 or more words taken from that source which is not properly acknowledged, then word-for-word plagiarism is also committed.”

How to avoid Paraphrasing Plagiarism?

To avoid paraphrasing plagiarism, you need to write well in your own words as well as give proper credit to the author (source) where it is due. If you can’t make it properly, you might be caught for plagiarism. Therefore, it is recommended to proofread/edit and check whether it is plagiarized or not. The best option you have when you can’t write well, simply order paraphrasing service at

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How avoid Paraphrasing Plagiarism?

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