Paraphrasing Plagiarism – Tips to pull out a plagiarism free essay!

Paraphrasing Plagiarism – Tips to pull out a plagiarism free essay!

Choosing the best high schools is one of the most anxiously awaited aspirations for all school graduates. All students dream of choosing the best of the best higher education institutions in their choice of field. And while some may want to join a leading public sector technology institute, others may prefer to choose a top medical school for their graduation. And not to forget the obvious choice of all students the Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, and other leading institutes.

Now, while the choice of grad school may vary from student to student, one common hurdle they all will have to pass through to get admitted in any institute is “essay writing”. Yup, we are talking about all the “not so famous” essay writing that’s mandatory for admission in all higher educational institutions. And while, some students may find it easy to pull it off, many struggles to come up with an inspiring and engaging essay that can secure them the admission, and well, did we mention that we are still not talking about paraphrasing plagiarism.

Just if the essay writing was already complicated enough for students, to add further stress they have to make sure to avoid plagiarism, which if detected will simply lead to rejection of admission.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism – Introduction

We guess most of the students looking for admissions in higher education institutions would have known certain things about paraphrasing, right? Well, if not then it’s simply one of the most preferred writing skills that’s used by amateurs and professionals, alike. Paraphrasing is all about rewriting plagiarism free and original content in your own words; without messing up the original idea and concept.

Now, the paraphrasing technique enables writers to have some decent level of original content in front of them to get a basic sketch of the content, which undoubtedly makes their writing task relatively easier. Nonetheless, despite having original content there is no room to copy even a single line from the original text because that can put you to the shame of intellectual theft. What you need to do instead is to get an idea of the topic (squeeze the essence of the text) and come up with an originally written content without any paraphrasing plagiarism. Not to forget, when you are looking to get around paraphrasing plagiarism, you will most definitely need to learn the art of crediting references and citations, at various places where you may wish to use original “quotes or description”.

Ok, now that you may have an idea about the paraphrasing plagiarism and what you need to do to avoid falling prey to plagiarism, let’s take a brief look into what plagiarism is.

Well, plagiarism simply refers to the practice of copying the whole or part of a text from original content to be used in your content without giving adequate citations or credits to the original author. And when we are talking about the academic world, plagiarism is undoubtedly one of the gravest and most looked-upon crimes, also known as intellectual theft. What makes plagiarism worst is the fact that most of the times people fall prey to it unintentionally. The lack of writing exposure and unawareness of the rules of academic writing are some main culprits for academic plagiarism. Thereby, if you are looking to master the art of avoiding or not doing paraphrasing plagiarism, you should start learning about the rules of giving citations and references.

How to master the art of removing paraphrasing plagiarism?

Well, here are some tips that can help you learn the trade masterfully:

  • Before you start paraphrasing an original content, make sure you read the entire content multiple times. Don’t hurry here because that will spoil the beans for you. Try to memorize the overall concept of the original text, so you don’t have to look at the text again and again
  • Make keynotes in your diary from the original content. Preferably come up with some bullets highlighting the different concepts or ideas in the original text
  • When looking at paraphrasing plagiarism, make sure you know the art of changing the sentence structure. Try improving the original text by adding or removing certain parts of the essay
  • Once you are done, make sure you check your content for plagiarism over a paid or free plagiarism checker tool (better check it with a paid industry-standard tool like turnitin).

Looking for professional help?

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