Paraphrasing Vs. Quoting – Analyzing two of the widely popular writing techniques?

Paraphrasing Vs. Quoting – Analyzing two of the widely popular writing techniques?

You can’t use your ignorance of the law as an argument towards a crime. Yes, there is even a Latin saying about it, which goes like, “Ignorantia non est argumentum”.

Now, this is something that’s also connected to professional writing including academic writing and online writing. One of the most important aspects of all forms of writing is to avoid plagiarism, which refers to the use of an original text without giving the citation or reference to the original author. In fact, plagiarism is included in intellectual theft in case of academic writings, whereas, for online writing, plagiarism can result in a hefty penalty and even blacklisting from search engine rankings.

And that’s precisely the reason why most students and online businesses rely on professional paraphrasing services to help them with their writing needs. Now, while professional paraphrasing services are definitely the aptest and fast solution, they aren’t the only ones. Beside, you can always learn the tricks of the trade and get yourself equip with the writing skills.

Below in this blog, we have come up with two of the most widely used writing techniques widely used in the industry; paraphrasing and quoting. We will be looking at each one of these techniques and see how you can use them to come up with your own content.

Paraphrasing vs. Quoting

As mentioned earlier, both of these techniques are widely used by professionals, however, the ultimate choice of technique most definitely will rely upon the type of content you need to produce. For instance, for most of the academic writing tasks that include prose and poetry writing, quoting is used more widely, as the writer necessarily has to use some part of the original content, which can then be cited adequately.

Contrarily, when we are looking at online writing or writing for scientific researches, paraphrasing services are the most widely used technique, where the writer doesn’t have to use any excessive direct quotations.


When using the quoting technique, you should restrict yourself in direct quotations (most of the time). Surely, you can add your arguments in support or against the quote. When using the quoting technique, you should always cite the original author’s name. Also, as a general practice, leave the quotations used from the original text as uncommented, this is something that will be appreciated by educators. Last but not least, make sure you write the quoted parts in “quotation marks” while learning the proper way to cite them in your writing.

How to avoid plagiarism when using the Quoting Technique?

– Always use quoted parts of the writing in quotation marks
– Use the quotations within the text
– If you are to use long quotations, use “block form” to quote
– In poetry, you can use quotations marks to present the original text for up to 3 lines
– For poetry quotations, more than three lines use “block form”
– Short poetry is always a better selection than long poetry
– Learn to cite the original author’s name
– Give references for your citations


Paraphrasing is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used writing techniques. The core concept behind paraphrasing services is to come up with a freshly written content from an original text. It is important to note that during paraphrasing services, the key idea of the original text isn’t changed, rather it’s only supplemented or refuted with valid arguments. When using paraphrasing services for academic writing, make sure to cite the original source in the reference list, even when you don’t use any quote from the original text.

How to avoid plagiarism when using the Paraphrasing Technique?

– Read the original text multiple times – the best approach to paraphrase an original content is to read through the text multiple time unless you are able to memorize the core concept of the text and ready to write is without looking at the original text.
– Don’t copy – taking from the point above, you shouldn’t even try to copy even a single sentence from the original text, try instead to increase the sentence density by writing your sentences.
– Take notes – when using paraphrasing services, it’s a good practice to take notes of all key points in systematic order. This will help you to come up with high-quality content with a natural flow.
– Use synonym – While you can use synonyms in paraphrasing services, try not to overdo it.

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